Chuck It! Junk Removal Winnipeg is here to help with all of your hauling needs. Let our professionally trained and uniformed staff do the hard work and save you time, money and energy renting a truck and trailer.


Moving out or upgrading items in the home? If it still can be used why throw it out, when it can be donated to several charities in the city. Let our staff do all the heavy lifting as we load your gently used items and transport them to several drop-off locations around the city. Not only will you be saving the environment, but you will be helping someone else in need as well.


Our delivery services include soil, sand, gravel, mulch and other material drop-offs. Whether you need 1 or 6 yards of material, with our 10 ft dump trailers we offer delivery of any materials you may need. We will pick it up and deliver to your job site – dumping it conveniently wherever you want it.


We also offer the transport of goods on pallets from supplier to job site. Pallets can be easily loaded and unloaded by forklift or slid off trailer. We are capable of transporting up to 5200 pounds. Chuck It Junk Removal Winnipeg is here to help move and relocate large and heavy objects.


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Pricing is charged by the hour. Each rate includes Truck and Trailer (400 cubic ft. of space) dollies, moving blankets, ratchet tie-downs, gas, and labor. GST in not included. We accept Cash and Credit.

  • 1 Man With Truck & Trailer
    • $60.00 / Hour
  • 2 Men With Truck & Trailer
    • $90.00 / Hour


Feel free to book us through our online booking form, or simply call Nick at (204) 461-5865 for a free estimate.