Chuck It! Junk Removal Winnipeg is here to help you with all of your small project demolition needs.


Chuck It! Junk Removal Winnipeg is your full-service solution, we will demolish, load, recycle, and haul away all debris for one flat price. Chuck It! Junk Removal Winnipeg offers exterior demolition of decks, sheds, play structures, gazebos, fences, small cement pads, and other structures. We also offer interior demolition of small kitchens, cabinets, bathrooms, as well as furniture that is too large to comfortable remove from your home.


Once your demolition project is completed, our junk removal services will gladly haul away all demolition waste to the appropriate dump, refurbishing,  or recycling facility.


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Our pricing structure is a combined rate of hours required during demolition, plus the number of truck/trailer loads of debris or junk removal required. Please call or email for a comprehensive estimate.


Feel free to book us through our online booking form, or simply call Nick at (204) 461-5865 for a free estimate.

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